Salted egg yolks dishes are now in trend. Almost any dish with salted egg yolks will be very well received and highly sought for. There’s a lot eateries and cafes adding salted egg yolk to their dishes, winning tons of positive comments and attentions. There are salted egg fries, salted […]

Salted Egg Yolk Molten Lava Cake

  SMELLICIOUS~ Smelly Prawn Paste with Smelly Belachan Sambal Chili! Yummy!~ The first time I had Har Cheong Kai Burger was @ Everything with Fries on my Birthday this year. The pungent, umami juice from the well marinated chicken just burst in my mouth the moment i sunk my teeth […]

Har Cheong Kai (Shrimp Paste Chicken) Burger with Sambal Oelek ...

  Craving for something sweet after meal? This visually stunning plate of dessert can be easily whip up in less than half an hour. We used Matilde Vicenzi’s Puff Pastry Stick with Butter instead of the usual sponge ladyfinger. The crispiness of the buttery puff allows the traditional tiramisu to […]

Deconstructed Tiramisu