Mentaiko Udon 明太子うどん (Spicy Cod Roe Udon) is one of my favourite dishes in Japanese cuisine. Actually I love any dishes with mentaiko but this is definitely my favourite mentaiko dish. I love the combination of the springy udon texture and the salty creamy cod roe with a hint of spiciness […]

QQ Mentaiko Udon 明太子うどん (Spicy Cod Roe Udon)

Oyakodon(親子丼) ~ A comforting bowl of Soft, Fluffy, Egg that soaked up the intensely flavored Dashi-Shoyu Broth, with a well-charred Succulent Chicken Thigh, top over a bowl of warm, fluffy Japanese Rice. It also means Parent and Son Bowl in Japanese. The eggs are whipped and poured over the broth, allowing […]

OyakoDon – The Authentic Japanese Way

Woohoo! We are officially ushering into the Year of Chicken in less than 2 weeks time. We have been smelling and tasting tons of buttery goodies almost everywhere we go. Family outing include going to supermarket and came back home with bags of food, drinks and goodies. Everyone is just busy […]

Hotpot Soup Base Ideas (for the upcoming STEAMBOAT FESTIVAL)

Creamy Broth with elegant flavour and a dash of rice vinegar adds a refreshing accents to the sweet white miso. It is a soup base from Kyoto and it tastes very different from the usual miso we have tasted. This soup base goes very well with the usual hotpot ingredients […]

Kyoto Style Saikyo Miso Hotpot

These cute little Japanese Style Siew Mai with Oozy Soft Creamy centre are just Heavenly! Eat it hot when its freshly out of the steamer. But be careful not to burn tongue! :p The filling of these siew mai are quite easy to make. Likewise the folding of the siew mai […]

Oozy Soft Centre Crab Cream Siew Mai

Yeah! After several attempts, I finally succeeded – Hot stamped it and sealed with Apricot Jam! Happy!   What is my favourite food in Japan? Pablo Cheese Tart! I happened to chance upon it when I was shopping in Tokyo. Even though the queue is not short, who can resist […]

Gooey, Flaky, Crispy Pablo Style Lava Cheese Tart (Medium to ...

I just can’t get enough of Uni! I just got a box of fresh uni from Isetan. It’s so sweet and fresh. These cute little  ones never fail to caress your tongue and the next moment, they just melt in your mouth. I had quite a few meals of sushi rice with […]

Creamy Uni (Sea Urchin) Risotto

You are most likely to find this cold dish in any proper Japanese Restaurant. Well.. nice or not is another story. This is a surprisingly easy dish to make. It’s creamy and pungent taste from the century egg makes you keep picking up ur spoon and eat more. Top it […]

The Pitan Tofu (Century Egg Beancurd – Japanese Style)

    OMG ! This is really heavenly. The moment you sink your teeth into this maki, your mouth will be surrounded by the creaminess of the shiok sauce and the crunchiness of the Tobikko, bursting in every bite. This is Shiok-ness! l had Shiok Maki years ago at Koh Grill […]

Eckitchensg’s Shiok Shiok Maki

What can be more comforting than a bowl of piping hot rice with fats on fats! And these are really yummy fats that worth the calories ~ well marbled Wagyu Beef and super creamy foie gras. And these fats shall NOT be wasted, the liquid fats will then be cooked together […]

Wagyu-Foie Don with Onsen Egg and Homemade Light Teriyaki Sauce