One Dish Meal

Thai Style Glass Noodles baked in Claypot one of my favourite Thai Dish and it’s a must order dish on the menu in a Thai Restaurant. It’s a umami-rich, peppery and super well-flavoured glass noodle (Cellophane noodle) baked with prawns & pork belly over a pot of aromatic Thai flavored […]

Kung Op Wun Sen (Thai Style Prawn & Pork Belly ...

  Croque Madame, a French-style Ham and Cheese sandwich with creamy béchamel sauce, topped with an egg. The same sandwich, without an additional egg, is known as the Croque Monsieur. This scrumptious sandwich is one of my favourite breakfast/brunch item. The rich and creamy mouthfeel from the melted cheese and […]

Croque Madame – The Yummiest Ham & Cheese Sandwich Ever!

Today is the best day to have this pot of goodness! A chilly day after rain, hubby is sick and I am having indigestion for many days. I love to grind my rice grain and break them into smaller pieces when making congee. The congee will be extremely smooth and it […]

The Newer Velvety Smooth Century Egg Congee

  Mac & Cheese which is also known as Macaroni & Cheese. IT’S MY COMFORT FOOD!! Traditionally, macaroni are used to prepare this dish. However, there are a lot of variation which uses short pasta like Penne, Fusilli and like this recipe, uses Mini Conchiglie (shell pasta).   I prefer […]

Gooey, Cheesy, Bacony Mac & Cheese

Yeah! Taiwan I’m Coming!! I will be going to Taiwan in Dec and was browsing my Honeymoon photos to see where should I revisit again. Why everything looks so yummy??!! This time I will only be going for 4 days. How can I finish all the food on the must […]

Taiwan Style Salted Pork Belly with Rice (鹹猪肉饭)

  Uni (Sea Urchin) is the Foie Gras of the Sea. I love it for it’s slightly briny sweetness with the creaminess that sings in your mouth the moment you pop it in. Uni is best enjoy when fresh as sashimi or together with sushi rice. Carbonara is another way […]

Uni Overload ~ Creamy Uni Carbonara with Onsen Egg

Since young, I am a fan of lo mai gai. I love the stickiness of the rice and the flavoursome fillings. This is a must-order dish for Dim Sum. Most dim sum restaurant will serve the rice wrapped in lotus leaves. The rice will be infused with the woodiness fragrance […]

Sticky Glutinous Rice with Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leave

Call me “Sua Gu”! Seriously! I have not ate Paella (pronounce as pah/EH/yah) before until like a month ago. I am not a seafood lover. I don’t mind having them but I will not purposely order them. So every time I see a sizzling pan of yellowish rice topped with tons […]

Seafood Squid Ink Paella

  Penang Kway Teow Soup, though looks very plain, are very flavourful. In Penang, they have the chicken and the duck version. The duck version have angelica root (dang gui) added to it for some herbal taste. If you are not able to get hold of duck carcass, substitute with […]

Penang Dang Gui (Angelica Root) Duck Kway Teow Soup

    I love eating braised pork belly rice (Lor Bak Peng). I tried many from different Taiwanese Cafes in Singapore and also tried making a different few version using many different recipes from various cookbooks and blogs. I was so satisfied every time I had one until I had the authentic, […]

Taiwan Style Braised Pork Belly on Rice (滷肉飯)

Salted egg yolks dishes are now in trend. Almost any dish with salted egg yolks will be very well received and highly sought for. There’s a lot eateries and cafes adding salted egg yolk to their dishes, winning tons of positive comments and attentions. There are salted egg fries, salted […]

Salted Egg Yolk Molten Lava Cake

  SMELLICIOUS~ Smelly Prawn Paste with Smelly Belachan Sambal Chili! Yummy!~ The first time I had Har Cheong Kai Burger was @ Everything with Fries on my Birthday this year. The pungent, umami juice from the well marinated chicken just burst in my mouth the moment i sunk my teeth […]

Har Cheong Kai (Shrimp Paste Chicken) Burger with Sambal Oelek ...

What can be more comforting than a bowl of piping hot rice with fats on fats! And these are really yummy fats that worth the calories ~ well marbled Wagyu Beef and super creamy foie gras. And these fats shall NOT be wasted, the liquid fats will then be cooked together […]

Wagyu-Foie Don with Onsen Egg and Homemade Light Teriyaki Sauce