Festive Goodies

These snacks are really very easy to make. Less than 10 minutes, you will have 1 ready-tub of air fried popiah seaweed crisp. All you need is 12 pieces of small spring roll pastry (Popiah skin) and …. 12 pcs of seasoned seaweed Brush the seasoned seaweed with egg white and stick […]

Paper Thin Seaweed Crisp (Air Fried)

Crunchy, Sweet with a hint of Saltiness! One of the most commonly reach-out snack on the goodies table. Sold at a slightly pricier tag but who can resist buying and indulge in these little gems. Now you make it at the comfort of your home – less the oil and […]

Fortune Mini Pork Floss Spring Roll (Air Fried)

Simple yet yummy! The cost of 1 packet of chilled crabstick cost about $2.50. However, during CNY, a small tub of ready-fried ones can be found at $8 to $15 per bottle. Now, you can just make it at the comfort of your own kitchen. To makes these addictive strips, […]

Truffle Crabstick Strips

  Photo Credit: Mike S Photography When sweet & salty collide, they explode! These mooncakes really well represent the heavenly marriage of sweet and salty! and with the essence of beauty in the middle of the mooncakes~ WOW! Do I need to say more? My family was a fan of Shangri-La […]

Bird’s Nest Snow Skin Mooncakes with Salted Egg Yolks Custard