Air Fryer

Simple yet yummy! The cost of 1 packet of chilled crabstick cost about $2.50. However, during CNY, a small tub of ready-fried ones can be found at $8 to $15 per bottle. Now, you can just make it at the comfort of your own kitchen. To makes these addictive strips, […]

Truffle Crabstick Strips

    Fish Sauce is one of the staple condiments in Vietnamese Cuisine. Fish Sauce, an umami-rich sauce, is made from anchovies, giving it an intense salty, pungent and briny taste. The first time I tried Vietnamese Chicken Wing is in a small Viet Café a long Beach Road, Singapore. […]

Vietnamese Sweet and Sticky Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

  This dish really goes well with Rice! 很好下饭哦!也很好下酒!Goes very well with beer too! Three-Cup Chicken (三杯鸡) is a very popular traditional Chinese dish. Traditionally, this dish is cooked with 1 Cup Soy Sauce, 1 Cup Rice Wine and 1 Cup Sesame Oil (ratio is 1:1:1). That’s how the name 3-Cup […]

Rich & Sticky Taiwanese Style “Three-Cup Chicken” (三杯鸡)

Yeah! Taiwan I’m Coming!! I will be going to Taiwan in Dec and was browsing my Honeymoon photos to see where should I revisit again. Why everything looks so yummy??!! This time I will only be going for 4 days. How can I finish all the food on the must […]

Taiwan Style Salted Pork Belly with Rice (鹹猪肉饭)

  I promise, to all heat lovers, this recipe is finger licking good. It’s so good that you might even start sucking the dried chilies for the seasoning that are well coated over the chilies. Well that’s what I did ?. This recipe is inspired by Sichuan Spicy Chicken (辣子鸡). The […]

The Fiery Wings with loads of Chilies, Garlic & Sichuan ...

  SMELLICIOUS~ Smelly Prawn Paste with Smelly Belachan Sambal Chili! Yummy!~ The first time I had Har Cheong Kai Burger was @ Everything with Fries on my Birthday this year. The pungent, umami juice from the well marinated chicken just burst in my mouth the moment i sunk my teeth […]

Har Cheong Kai (Shrimp Paste Chicken) Burger with Sambal Oelek ...

Mr Ong came up with a challenge for me! Wasabi Mayo Prawn! My first reply was.. “but… i don’t like to fry food in my kitchen! hmm ok.. i can try with air-fryer”. I seriously don’t like to fry food in my kitchen. 1st, the kitchen will get very sticky […]

Air Fried Prawn with Wasabi Mayo