101 Chinese New Year Guide

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Let’s welcome the year of Rat!

It is a year we should be well fed in both our wallet and tummy too~ . Let our feasting begin again……

Beside eating together, it is also a period that family members get together to make CNY goodies. So I have consolidated a list of easy to make CNY goodies using air fryer so we can all pig out in less guilt and it is definitely more convenient to make.

Click here for recipes.

Another very useful list of recipes we all need is hotpot soup base. There are a lot of instant soup base around too which I use it most of the time for quick fix. There are also times which I wan something special when I want to impress. Here;s a list of soup base you can use as hotpot for an easier and more convenient CNY meal.

Click here for recipes and ideas

And of course for those who like to showcase their culinary skill, there are also a list of CNY dishes for you to pamper your the taste bud of your family and loved ones. It is always a joy to see someone savoring in the dishes you made for them and it is definitely worth every effort put in.

Click here for recipes

Last but not least, I would like to wish everyone a abundance  year. Fat in wallet and knowledge but not fat in tummy :P. and also thank everyone support to eckitchensg,

This is a non-profit site and it is through your support that encourage me to come up with new ideas and post the recipes online even though my schedule is very hectic.

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